Education and Employment History:

Pennsylvania State University, Associate Degree in Engineering Technology, 1970
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 1970 to 2005, Contract Management and Project Manager

Company Responsibilities:

L.J. French is currently the primary specification writer and traffic data collection supervisor for French Engineering.

Specification Writing:

L.J. French worked in the District 12-0 Contract Management Unit for 29 years, including 10 years as Manager of the unit. As a result of this experience, he has developed a deep and unique skill set as it relates to the development of special provisions for design packages. He is intimately familiar with Publication 408 and adept at crafting specifications that do not duplicate or conflict with the requirements already in place. He has developed numerous specifications for projects in Districts 1-0, 2-0, 8-0, 9-0, 10-0, 11-0, and 12-0, ranging from small bridges, to signalized intersections, to large highway and bridge projects. He is particularly experienced with design-build projects and writing technical specifications for specialized traffic signal equipment / ITS, including special traffic signal controllers, traffic signal systems, specialized vehicle and pedestrian detection equipment, and non-standard signal supports. He also prepares any proprietary approval requests, which are most commonly required for specialized traffic signal equipment called for in our signal designs.

Traffic Data Collection Supervisor:

L.J. French is responsible for all of the data collection efforts of FE. This includes preparation and maintenance of our 6 JAMAR Automated Traffic Recorders (ATR) and 9 JAMAR Turning Movement Count boards, management of the traffic data collection technicians, and coordination with local authorities and law enforcement. The professionalism he brings to the data collection effort ensures it yields high quality data for the analyses and designs it supports. It also ensures an efficient, cost-effective process, which is safe for the technicians and motoring public, with limited disruptions to traffic flow.

In the summer of 2012, District 12-0 contracted with FE to collect ATR counts at 12 locations along I-70 using non-intrusive microwave data collection equipment. Although the microwave counting unit itself is available commercially, the mounting system and power source needed to be developed by FE. L.J. French developed these components and successfully deployed the counters at the 12 locations.

Another noteworthy data collection effort took place over a three-day period in the fall of 2011, in which he managed the collection of turning movement counts at 26 intersections, and the collection of four ATR counts in the City of Johnstown. This effort was utilized to support the development of an expansive Synchro model for assessing the impacts of future planning ideas in the City including converting an existing one-way street to two-way.

Finally, in the summers of 2010 and 2011, he managed the collection of 13 intersection turning movement counts, 21 ATR counts, a spot speed study, and a 2,320-postcard origin-destination study in the Carnegie, Greentree, Parkway Center, and Banksville interchanges of the Parkway West (I-376) in Pittsburgh. This data collection effort was challenging due to the high traffic volumes and speeds, and the sensitivity of drivers to further disruptions in this already congested corridor. These challenges were met, and the collected data supported a major traffic study to develop alternatives to improve traffic flow on the Parkway.