A project cannot be properly designed without accurate traffic data. French Engineering has been successfully collecting traffic data for over 14 years. The key to traffic data collection is not only quality, it is also collecting the right data for the right project. Our engineers directly oversee each and every project and should our clients need assistance, we have the expertise to guide them on the type and quantity of traffic data needed.

In terms of quality, we typically use long-term, experienced technicians trained in proper equipment set up and manual counting. We have developed an observation form for queue monitoring, traffic signal equipment operation and safety reporting that our technicians use to supplement their manual turning movement count effort and provide our clients with additional data. For flexibility and value, we use in-house equipment.

In-house equipment:

  • Video cameras
  • Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR)
  • Turning Movement Count (TMC) boards
  • Radar detector

Past Experience:

  • Video turning movement counts
  • Manual turning movement counts
  • Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) counts
  • Floating Car Travel Time Studies
  • Saturation Flow Rate (SFR) Studies
  • Non-intrusive, portable microwave counts for high-volume roadways
  • Spot speed studies at high-volume locations
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian counts
  • Data collection support for traffic signal upgrades and retiming
  • Postcard surveys
  • ArcPad GIS data collection
  • Origin - Destination (O-D) Studies
  • FHWA & Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Classifications

Current Service Areas: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland

Please contact us should you be interested in traffic data collection.